All white christmas

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Hello world! Today is the first official post to my very new blog, which I dedicate to this day as the Christmas Day post (P.S. the photos taken below were actually a christmas dinner from two weeks ago). Not to make this blog seem like a festive blog, this very first post is dedicated to the person that has helped and motivated me through going forward with making a blog in the first place. Just to point out, the gift that I got is seen held by me in the second picture. Yes, my very first christmas present. Well, my very first christmas ever in my life. 

The tree that we decorated were inspired by images of 'white christmas tree decors' from google, mostly the ones with the dangling crystals in it which I thought looked ah-mazing. Notice the golden ferrero rocher star which we hanged in the tree and completely forgot about the chocolate inside. Other than that, everything was created to look classy and simple for our white (and mostly silver) christmas. 

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